Robin Goings
Heart & Soul Magazine Cover

Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Robin Goings moved to Hollywood with big dreams, only to find herself trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship. As the result of her tumultuous relationship, she saw her aspirations as an actress begin to fade, as well as her A+ credit.

Financially, emotionally, and spiritually, she should have been knocked out and defeated. Instead, she remains determined.

Since the divorce, Goings has been featured on the cover of Heart & Soul magazine and is often sought after for appearances and interviews.

Because she has endured the judicial shortcomings of a system that further debilitates abandoned families she is now embarked on a mission to be a source of strength for other women.

Her quest will include an inspirational anthology, a product line, and a congressional bill. Robin Goings is determined to make sure that her tribulations not be in vain.

Stay tuned.

She's not defeated. She's just getting started...

Robin Goings